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MAURICE LACROIX AIKON AUTOMATIC – The legend keeps growing

Maurice Lacroix releases new versions of the Aikon, delivering unprecedented choice.

MAURICE LACROIX AIKON AUTOMATIC – The legend keeps growing
MAURICE LACROIX AIKON AUTOMATIC – The legend keeps growing
MAURICE LACROIX AIKON AUTOMATIC – The legend keeps growing

The AIKON collection

Ever since Maurice Lacroix unveiled its inaugural AIKON models in 2016, it has never stopped listening to its customers, conceiving fresh ideas and unveiling new versions of this iconic watch. Today’s AIKON collection is extensive, encompassing different colours, complications and sizes. Nevertheless, as any sports professional will attest, the secret of success is to never give up, a trait that resonates with Maurice Lacroix. Quite simply, this progressive Swiss firm never stops.

The AIKON Automatic watch

Building on the success of its AIKON Automatic range of models, Maurice Lacroix has enlarged its product portfolio. For example, the 39mm model is now also available with a green dial, first seen on the 42mm version. Likewise, the rosé dial that proved very popular with the 39mm case is now offered on the larger 42mm model.

The AIKON’s Easy Strap Exchange system has delighted the model’s wearers for several years. It allows the owner to easily swap a metal bracelet for a leather strap, or vice-versa, without the need for tools. Now, Maurice Lacroix builds upon this versatility by introducing a new range of straps formed of FKM rubber. This particular grade of rubber delivers superior flexibility to regular rubber, augmenting wearer comfort. In addition, FKM rubber offers greater wear-resistance and the colour is less susceptible to fading.

Les nouveaux bracelets

The new rubber straps feature a central row incorporating a Clous de Paris pattern, replicating the appearance of the dial motif. Positioned adjacent to this central row are two recessed channels which line up with the strap fixings projecting from the case. The straps are offered in a selection of colours, providing the optimal pairing for the various dial colours available. All the straps come supplied with a steel pin buckle and incorporate the Maurice Lacroix ‘M’ logo.

A dark grey dial features for the first time on the AIKON and is available on the 39mm or 42mm cases. This dial is also available with the new rubber strap option. Both case sizes are now available on a metal bracelet or with a leather or rubber strap. In addition, strap kits are available for clients seeking to exploit the AIKON’s notable versatility.

Urban design

These new additions to the AIKON family perpetuate Maurice Lacroix’s reputation for delivering urban designs and high perceived value. Today, Maurice Lacroix offers more choice than ever before.

Now’s the time to choose your favourite AIKON.

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