Chaumet Jewelry, by Basic Mercat, the Jewelry Store in Andorra

Having a history of more than 200 years of experience in the realm of High Jewelry and combining the finest specialists and workshop managers in the French luxury field, Chaumet sets the bar for splendour and elegance. The eminent House located in Place Vendôme, Paris, is proud of its tradition of carefully selecting diamonds and precious stones of unequalled purity and sparkle to craft its sumptuous Jewelry. Chaumet is one of the prestigious brands available at Basic Mercat in Andorra.

Chaumet Jewelry, by Basic Mercat, the Jewelry Store in Andorra

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Bague Bee my love
Pendentif Jeux de Liens
Bracelet Liens Séduction

Chaumet’s prestigious collections

Over the past 230 years, Chaumet has been proud of the impressive lineage of high-end jewelry experts that have been employed in their world-renowned workshops.

Decade after decade, the best jewelers, stone setters, polishers and engravers have succeeded one another in Chaumet’s workshops, giving life to their collections of jewelry and imbuing them with a fascinating, charismatic edge: rings, necklaces, bracelets, enamel or colored gemstone earrings and gold or platinum tiaras. Chaumet breathes the art and tradition of making pieces that have left their mark on entire generations.

Promoting craftsmanship

Chaumet prefers to work by hand in order to create its wide selection of extreme, delicate collections. The craftsmen who work daily for the brand have inherited centuries of expertise. They draw, cut, set and refine each element of the pieces with the objective of bringing each aspect of its precious and unique creation to life.

Nature: the cornerstone of the creative process

At Chaumet, nature is an unlimited source of inspiration, which is used to invent distinctive jewelry: delicate stems bolstering a vast diversity of flowers, delicate leaves, delicious fruits, wild plants, magnified insects and seasons, such as summer.

Innovative and incessantly distinguished collections

Nature’s grandiose omnipresence in Chaumet’s collections allows this luxury brand to infuse their creations with a unique identity, which boasts a complex yet easily recognizable style and elegance. This tour de force is present in the jewelry collections Blé, Laurier, Lys and Chêne, distributed in the following splendid collections:

  • Joséphine

Echo précieux du goût de son inspiratrice, la collection Joséphine perpétue ce style d’élégance légère caractéristique de la Maison Chaumet. Conjuguant le raffinement du dessin à la flamboyance des pierres cette collection revivifie une tradition experte de deux cent trente ans au service d’une créativité contemporaine.

  • Jardins Abeilles
  • Lumières d’Eau
  • Jardins Hortensia
  • 12 Vendôme

The famous Liens ring - icon of the House

Among the many emblematic pieces by Chaumet, the Liens ring is a cult classic due to its unwavering popularity.

The first version of this ring was created in 1977 and the 2008 version still has the power to delight goldsmiths.

This essential Chaumet piece consists of two rings tied together with a delicate yellow gold knot. Simplicity and intimacy, femininity and sensuality, naturalism and enchantment are at the origin of this best-seller, which continues to seduce women all over the world, including the actresses Sophie Marceau and Lou Doillon.

Chaumet – Established in 1780

First customers: Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon!

Chaumet’s adventure began in 1780 in Paris under the initiative of Marie-Étienne Nitot, a renowned Parisian jeweler whose clientele included Queen Marie-Antoinette.

The House’s expansion occurred at the beginning of the 19th century after the Revolution. At this point Chaumet was Napoleon the First’s official jewelry supplier.

In 1802, he chose the House to make his wedding jewelry and coronation crown!

Later, after the Empire fell, when Jean-Baptiste Fossin and his son took over the business, Queen Victoria also called upon the House to craft her jewelry.

The tiara specialist consolidates wealth

In the second half of the century Prosper Morel forged the jewelry industry’s destiny. in 1885, his daughter Marie married Joseph Chaumet, who specialized in making magnificent tiaras.

In 1907, the workshops were moved to 12 Place Vendôme, Paris. In 1928, Marcel Chaumet befriended several stars, including Picasso, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Their unfettered love for Chaumet jewelry propelled the brand to find increasing success.

Nearly a century later, Chaumet remains a highly renowned jewelry brand, which has established flagship boutiques in the world’s largest capitals: Paris, London, Moscow, Tokyo, etc.

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