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The House of Fred’s creations are bold, colorful and luminous. This great name in luxury products, jewelry and watchmaking has built a very personal universe. Fred Samuel, an Argentinian in love with precious stones, crafted this unique and stunning world.

Fred jewelry at Basic Mercat jewelry and watch retailer in Andorra

Gemstones, pearls and light

Grace Kelly and Julia Roberts

Fred Samuel, one of the greatest jewelry designers of the 20th century, is renowned for designing jewelry of great finesse and whose inspiration is drawn from the sea and South America’s soft and warm energy.

A leading Parisian personality from the late 1930s onwards, Fred’s prestigious collections attracted the attention of the most iconic individuals of the time. His entourage included Princess Grace of Monaco, Jean Cocteau (for whom he made a medal in 1962), Bernard Buffet and Foujita.

In 1989, the brand crafted the diamond and rubellite necklace worn by actress the Julia Roberts in the film Pretty Woman.

In 1977, he presented Le Soleil d’or to the princess of the Middle East. This was an extraordinary diamond of more than 105 carats, which was famous for its yellow color known as jonquille or daffodil.

Unparalleled collections

Fred invented a unique jewelry style by allowing light to filter through the stones to express their true characters. Having grown up in an environment where the words jade, amber, coral, lapis lazuli and tortoise shell were not just abstract notions but part of his very existence, the need to create jewelry came naturally to him. By using his unique personal story, his desire pushed him to create pieces that were unlike any other in the world.

A lover of beauty and feelings

Samuel’s collections are bursting with inspiration from the sea, sunshine and light. Fred has created pieces that highlight the natural beauty of pearls while integrating their luxurious nature with everyday life. A prime example of his work is his famous Pain de Sucre rings.

In 2016, in celebration of his 80th birthday and marking the 10th anniversary of the death of the company’s founder, the brand launched a new collection of bracelets called 8°0. Timelessly modern, this piece is in the shape of an 8 - or the lemniscate – which symbolizes unity, fidelity and the deep bonds of love woven between two people.

The sumptuous Force 10 collection

Fred jewelry is an invitation to a celebration of feeling glamorous on a daily basis. The Force 10 collection, one of the designer’s most emblematic collections, perfectly symbolizes this concept.

Created in 1966 by one of Fred Samuel’s sons and inspired by the sea, the sailor knot motif adorns the elegant and carefree jewelry in this collection. The bracelet consists of a braided stainless steel cable with an elegant shackle reminiscent of sailors’ carabiner.

The Force 10 bracelet is now available in 21 different models with interchangeable shackles and cables, making a total of 483 possible combinations! The latest digital version of the Force 10 bracelet was launched in 2017. This piece can be personalized and is available on demand.

The Pretty Woman collection

Fred celebrates love and dedicates a major collection of fine jewelry and fine jewelry to her: Pretty Woman.
Today, as love takes on such a personal hue for each of us, Fred takes inspiration from the iconic necklace from the film and makes his Pretty Woman collection a modern expression of the many facets of love. A vision embodied by a strong aesthetic "heart in the heart" and a collection for women that comes in different styles: necklaces, rings, bracelets in gold, diamonds and rubellites. More than any other collection, Pretty Woman invites to the game of mix and match.

Argentinian roots

The Japanese pearl

Born in Argentina in 1908, Fred Samuel has built a great reputation in France and throughout the world. Son of Alsatian parents who fled the German occupation of 1870, he moved to France at the age of 16 and decided to train as a jeweler.

He set up his own business on Rue Royale in Paris in 1936 and was one of the first creators to introduce Japanese cultured pearls to the West. This innovation disrupted a world in which the use of fine pearls had not been common. The term Fred color, referring to the cream/pink light hue of the pearls used in his creations, dates from this period.

World renowned

The brand Fred Joailler rose quickly to fame. Despite the difficult period of the Second World War, American film stars such as Douglas Fairbanks and Marlene Dietrich made the brand famous in the United States. In December 1941, a yellow star was installed in the window of his Parisian boutique.

The post-war years were prosperous, as Fred set off again to conquer the world of luxury. The multinational conglomerate company LVMH bought Fred Joailler in 1995.

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