le gramme jewels, by bàsic mercat jewelry store, in andorra

le gramme is minimalism, precision and emotion. let yourself be seduced by the jewelry brand that plays with elementary forms. erwan le louër creates essential, precious and universal jewelry for men, which women borrow.

 le gramme jewels, by bàsic mercat jewelry store, in andorra
 le gramme jewels, by bàsic mercat jewelry store, in andorra
le gramme jewels, by bàsic mercat jewelry store, in andorra

le gramme


le gramme is a brand of men’s jewelry where each item is named by its weight in grams.

creations le gramme draw their strength from the attention to detail and their apparent simplicity. they are made in France, the fruit of industrial craftsmanship that unites the precision of the machine with the gesture of man.

the choice of material, imprint and finish make the piece of jewelry a personalized gift. mechanical or calligraphic engraving completes this experience and makes each bracelet, ring, or necklace unique.


le gramme is an uncompromising brand, guided by an obsessive sense of detail. erwan le louër, creator of the project, imagines each year two major collections -in January and June- inspired by elementary forms which speak to the collective unconscious.

erwan le louër spent his master’s degree in industrial design at esdi, the higher school of industrial design, obtained in 2008. he then launched the jem jewelry brand as well as the margiela line 12 jewelry license, in parallel with numerous collaborations with fashion brands like isabel marant.

gifts from aesthetes

what could be more complex than giving a gift to a man? le gramme has imagined essential, precious and universal objects. all the jewels le gramme adapt to the man who wears them, or the woman who borrows them.


le gramme offers 7 collections in 925 silver and 750 gold - ribbon, cable, beads, rod, assembly, medaillon and ceramic - inspired by elementary forms that speak to the collective unconscious.

each jewel has an autonomous singularity, which transforms with the liking of the assemblies into personal interpretation.








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