Messika Jewelry by Basic Mercat Jewelry, Andorra

Valérie Messika, daughter of the diamond dealer André Messika, launched her own brand of Jewelry in 2005, which was backed by her extensive experiences in the diamond industry. Her original and timeless creations quickly became successful worldwide with women of all ages and generations. Messika - diamond addiction.

Messika Jewelry by Basic Mercat Jewelry, Andorra

Messika collections

My Move

Lucky Move

Move Uno

Move Classique

Move Noa

Move Romane

Move Joaillerie

Move 10th

Move Titanium

My First Diamond


Desert Bloom

Lucky Eye

Joy Coeur

My Twin





Driven by the desire for fashion jewelry and uninhibited diamonds, Valérie Messika created her own jewelry house in 2005. In her work she reinvents this accessory full of meaning and symbol into an ultra desirable and disruptive object that brings additional confidence to the person who wears it. To achieve this, it is constantly innovating.

New designs, new techniques... She imagines explosive and extraordinary jewelry. Jewelery designer certainly, but above all trendsetter. Valérie Messika brings a liberating breath of fresh air to the jewelry industry.

In her hands, the diamond comes alive: it moves, it dances, it has fun and most importantly, it is never boring. Messika jewels are pieces of character, imbued with the femininity and modernity of the designer.

Messika jewelry pieces seduce the most influential women in the world, women recognized for their talent and personality.

Women’s jewelry that embellishes diamonds**

At Messika, the delicately worked diamonds embellish the jewelry. This designer promises to amplify the diamond in its most diverse and expert variations by thinking outside of the box and going beyond traditionally designed pieces by crafting her own style. Valérie Messika made a bet to create original pieces and won the bet hands down!

Truly original creations

Valérie Messika excels in crafting traditional pieces such as diamond tennis bracelets and solitaire rings. However her creations with movable precious stones as well as bracelets and necklaces that have an elastic flexible quality are what make her work truly stand out.

For more than 10 years, her adventure in the jewelry-crafting world has continued with outstanding success. Messika has successfully conquered the very competitive mid-range market. The brand now has nearly 200 stores in 40 countries. A High Jewelry workshop was inaugurated in Paris in 2015 in celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary.

The Messika style and its emblematic collections

What is the Messika style? Addictive jewelry that allows the diamonds which adorn them to express themselves freely with their ergonomic character and capacity to glide gracefully between their precious metal tracks.

Designed in a contemporary style, her various collections have one common aspect that make them so sought after – their undeniable ability to enhance a women’s body with modernity, sensuality and confidence.

The Skinny Bracelet

This new brand garnered success as it built a reputation based on trust and expertise, enabling it to turn the pages to a new chapter in its history.

One of Messika’s best-sellers, the Skinny tennis bracelet (an iconic design that was originally sported by players on the court), was launched ten years ago and features an elegant row of diamonds. The brand’s most iconic collection, the Move Collection, was created at the same time and quickly became Messika’s signature collection.

The Move Collection

The pieces in the extremely successful Move Collection demonstrate a beautiful blend of technical innovation and modernity without compromising the quality of these magnificently composed pieces.

This enormously successful collection now has more than 130 models. This collection of bracelets was established at a time when rings were considered to be the it-piece. Move bracelets are unique due to their diamonds in motion, which glide between precious metal tracks.

Awarded in 2007 at the De Beers Trinity Competition, this manufacturing process has been used to create rings, earrings and pendants with one, three or five moving diamonds. The invention of this technique was a true masterstroke for Valérie Messika and a testimony to the founder’s creative spirit!

A family saga

Paternal affiliation

Valérie Messika has become a must-have designer in the world of jewelry and luxury jewelry and she owes her success in part to her father. André Messika was a great Parisian diamond dealer who urged her to start creating jewelry. Very early on he recognized her astute inclination towards business. Messika stated years later, "I have always dreamt of being a businesswoman. My daughters will find strength in the example I set of an active woman."

Valérie Messika quickly established and earned respect herself through her technical expertise. Her flexible jewelry and her creative modern style hit the bull’s eye.

Her jewelry is always extremely elegant and never classically ostentatious, it is versatile and can be worn daily. Messika jewelry quickly gathered a large and ever-growing clientele.

High jewelry in the crosshairs

With her eyes set on the future, Valérie Messika made a leap of faith, diving head first into the exclusive high-end market. Since its launch in 2012 Messika’s High Jewelry line has been extremely successful.

Proving its high credentials in the diamond universe, the brand caught the attention of celebrities worldwide, including pop music stars Beyoncé and Jay Z, who proudly flaunted their Messika jewelry in their latest video clip. This luxury brand’s great adventure has only just begun!

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