Mikimoto pearls at Basic Mercat Jewelers in Andorra

Mikimoto the Japanese jeweler invented pearl culturing at the end of the 19th century. Mikimoto has become one of the greatest contemporary jewelry brands. Akoya pearls are famous worldwide and adorn sublime creations crafted using centuries of expert knowledge and skill. Luxurious and timeless, Mikimoto jewelry is forever.

Mikimoto pearls at Basic Mercat Jewelers in Andorra

The inventor of the cultured pearl

A fabulous idea

You cannot think about cultured pearls without thinking Kokichi Mikimoto. The king of cultured pearls began his operation in 1893. At the time, very few individuals believed in what this merchant’s son was trying to accomplish. However through self-sacrifice and hard work, two essential values in this Japanese creator’s work, enabled him to move mountains and accomplish his goals.

Rivalling the beauty of Akoya pearls from the South Seas of Japan, Kokichi Mikimoto began harvesting and then attempting to reproduce the qualities of the natural pearls that fascinated him. He quickly discovered his natural talent and began to craft jewelry using great skill and technique. More than a century later his legacy remains firmly intact in the world of jewelry.

From Tokyo to Place Vendôme

Recognized around the world, Mikimoto symbolizes natural luxury and artistic expression at its highest.

Presently, the brand’s workshops based in Tokyo design remarkable collections each season that are known for their stunning pearls and sparkling gemstones. In 1986, a MiKimoto boutique was established in the heart of the Parisian jewelry district, Place Vendôme.

At Mikimoto, the pearl is the central element that the House has developed over decades. They are used to design high-end jewelry that shines with natural beauty. Akoya pearls reveal a striking whiteness and a satin sheen that shimmers in the light. The brand’s emblematic piece, the pearl necklace is a prime example of the brand’s signature look and is available in countless variations.

Collections: Japanese inspiration

A prolific universe

It is, of course, impossible to list all of Mikimoto’s creative achievements. Mikimoto has launched successful collection after successful collection year after year! Women looking for luxury and elegance find the brand’s pieces hard to resist. For example, a row of yellow gold pearls set with large white cultured pearls, dangling earrings or the platinum Neo Vintage ring adorned with a stunning pearl set with diamonds.

Sapphire is also used in many pieces. However pearls are always the focal point, whether they are white, gold or black!

Gold and white pearls with diamonds

Some pieces are sold in limited editions, such as the famous Möbius necklace crafted with white gold, pearls and diamonds. All of the pieces are beautiful and refined. The Princess Grace tiara collection (2001) and the Pearls in Motion collection with its movable pearls are perfect examples of the brand’s signature look.

Another best seller, the recent Splash collection, features pearls and diamonds that burst from the center of a splash-like form.

The following lists some of Mikimoto’s other key collections:

  • Gypsy earrings: featuring cultured pearls and diamonds mounted on white gold
  • Saturn ring: crafted in platinum, with white pearls and diamonds
  • Night and Day necklace: made with Akoya pearls, onyx and diamonds set in platinum

The legend of Mikimoto

A great inventor

Born in Japan in 1858, Kokichi Mikimoto quickly made oyster farming his favorite activity. He was passionate about pearls and worked to use various techniques in order to improve their brilliance and luster.

In 1890, he patented a technique that revolutionized the field of pearl cultivation. Three years later, he succeeded in obtaining the first semi-spherical cultured pearl. Ten years later, he became a master in the art of producing pearls with impeccable surfaces.

Marilyn Monroe’s honeymoon necklace

Mikimoto opened his first pearl shop in 1899. During his lifetime, his creations became increasingly prestigious. For example, he created a replica of the Philadelphia Freedom Bell for the New York World’s Fair (1939), the famous necklace that by Joe DiMaggio gave to Marilyn Monroe on their honeymoon (1954) and the Prelude brooch, which won the Diamond International Awards (1969).

Today, Mikimoto is growing a new variety of oyster pearls discovered in 2000. Mikimoto remains the world’s leading producer of branded cultured pearls created on his pearl cultivation farm located on the island of Ainoshima.

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