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Robert Wan pearls, by Bàsic Mercat Jewelry, Andorra

Specialised in the culture and trade of pearly pearls, Robert Wan is considered the godfather of the Tahitian pearl. Since the early 1970s, he has created a vast empire and offers multiple jewellery collections marked with the seal of luxury and elegance.

Robert Wan pearls, by Bàsic Mercat Jewelry, Andorra

Robert Wan’s cultured pearls

The inventor of the Tahitian pearl

Acquiring a Robert Wan piece of jewellery is choosing extremely high-quality pieces with pearls considered among the most beautiful in the world. Renowned worldwide, the Tahitian pearl has been harvested for more than 30 years off the Pacific atolls. Since the adventure began in the 1970s, the Tahitian pearl has conquered its stripes as a gemstone certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), like the most significant precious stones.

Pearls of dazzling purity

Harvested in water without a trace of pollution in which natural deposits and Pinctada Margaritifera oyster farms are located, the pearls chosen by Robert Wan for the design of his jewellery ranges benefit from two significant advantages:

  • perfect lustre for incredible shine and superb light surface reflection;
  • new colours: while the black pearl constitutes the majority of crops, other varieties are characterised by grey shades or shades ranging from white to darker cream colours. A name has even been given to these variations: Cherry, Peacock, Blue, Tahitian Gold, Tahitian Silver, Tahitian Cooper, etc.

Women as inspiration

What is the style of Robert Wan’s jewellery? It seems preferable to speak of an artistic approach that pays homage to the woman in the most beautiful way to showcase her as best as possible. For this eternal lover, the woman is also a pearl.

Robert Wan has never hidden wanting to "offer the most beautiful, the pearl, the only living gem that can express itself differently depending on the light of the wearer." At Robert Wan, the jewel reveals the woman.

The creative aspect

Robert Wan also demonstrates a keen sense of creation as an expert in the art of choosing the most beautiful pearls in the world and uncompromising the purity of the material. He has surrounded himself with the most outstanding designers throughout his career to bring his brand international recognition.

Considering beauty is born from harmony, he regularly offers collections that catch the eye and elicit rave reviews. The pearl is always placed at the heart of his fertile imagination.

For this true esthete of life and this unconditional lover of nature, there is no need to cover a pearl with gold and diamonds to turn it into a gem. Creativity, purity, and quality are its main leitmotifs.

Treasures of the Islands

Like the Akila, Links of Love, Muse and Zoja series, the Robert Wan collections are immersed in a harmonious and soothing universe, where elements such as water, crystal and sand represent the richness and purity of lagoons and occupy a predominant place.

Its favourite colours are green (a symbol of renewal and youth) and white (representing purity and infinity).

Since 1974, there have been numerous prestigious successes for a world-renowned brand. In 2011, the collection of long necklaces, necklaces and rings, "Treasures of the Islands", in connection with the lagoons, the paradisiacal islands, and the luxuriant flora and fauna, had aroused admiration.

The Story of Robert Wan

An adventurer in the soul

The adventurous spirit has always characterised the personality of Robert Wan. At 19, he entered the world of work and multiplied professional experiences: accountant, shipping agent, import-export trader, and car dealership ...

These different activities allow him to meet people and travel a lot.

In 1973, while studying a hotel project with Japanese partners, he developed a passion for pearls and decided to invest in Polynesia. A bright idea since success will quickly be there.

In the footsteps of Mikimoto

Robert Wan does indeed perform quickly. His meeting with Kokichi Mikimoto, another great name in jewellery and inventor of pearl culture, will be anything but coincidence.

Wan’s pearl farming business is developing with steady growth. In 1995, he acquired Katiu atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago, and the French government subsequently awarded the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite.

In 2002, Robert Wan launched his jewellery and jewellery brand. Crowned with success, the adventure continues with the same enthusiasm for this great name in luxury.

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