Bell & Ross Watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jewelry & Watch Retailer

Bell & Ross was created in the early 1990s by a team of designers specializing in creating instruments for aircrafts and has grown to be a very successful company. Today it is considered one of the most reliable brands in the luxury world. Bell & Ross designs sumptuous high-end models designed for professional use by astronauts, pilots and divers. You can purchase them at Basic Mercat jewelry and watch retailer in Andorra.

Bell & Ross Watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jewelry & Watch Retailer

Unparalleled reliability

For professionals and non-professionals

Over the past 30 years Bell & Ross has diligently worked to forge their place in the great Swiss watchmaking tradition while demonstrating its desire to create watches that succeed in a competitive market.

This French brand has a rich history steeped in the aviation and military fields. Bell & Ross works incessantly to meet the needs of a demanding and specialized clientele.

These utilitarian watches are not designed to be used in a strictly technical context, but can be used daily by modern men in search of a unique timepiece created according to high standards.

Brand philosophy: Reliability, functionality and precision

Bell & Ross produces exceptional timepieces by combining watchmaking expertise and skill. Their watches are incredibly reliable and capable of withstanding high heat, violent acceleration and high pressure. Bell & Ross watches have the following characteristics: reliability, functionality and precision – aspects that the Andorran watch retailer Basic Mercat searches for in the pieces it selects for its collection.

Professional timepieces of the highest quality

At Bell & Ross, functionality gives birth to design. The brand’s pieces stand out for their unmistakable look, pure lines and timeless elegance.

There are various incredibly successful collections, including the BR Tourbillon, the Hydromax (1997) and the BR-S.

It should be noted that the Hydromax is capable of descending to a depth of 11,000 metres below sea level without harming the watch thanks to a hydraulic mechanism that neutralizes the effects of pressure.

High-tech & aesthetics

While aesthetics are never neglected at Bell & Ross, their watches are designed using cutting-edge technologies thanks to the brands extensive watchmaking skill. Their mechanical movements are the focal point of their design and their compact cases are capable of housing immense high-tech machinery.

The famous watchmaker’s historical evolution

From Paris to La Chaux-de-Fonds

Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo founded Bell & Ross in Paris in 1992. The French army and civil security enforcers, which became regular customers, were quickly drawn to the reliability and robust nature of Bell & Ross’ first models.

For approximately 12 years, the German watchmaker Sinn produced its models. Following this their workshops were established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which is a small town renowned for its excellence in the watchmaking tradition. Basic Mercat watch retailer in Andorra is very proud to have such authentic, quality timepieces available in its collection.

For professionals and the general public

Today Bell & Ross continues to develop watches that are renowned for their professional utility however the brand is gradually turning its production towards the general public.

Bell & Ross is now appealing to a wider clientele by manufacturing exceptional models that are causing a sensation in the world of luxury fashion. The BR01 Tourbillon model in pink gold and titanium was a huge success.

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What will be your favorite timepiece?

Increasingly sumptuous models

Its well-deserved success has brought Bell & Ross international renown. In 2010, the French manufacturer extended its enterprise to the four corners of the world by opening stores in locations like Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. The Andorran watch retailer Basic Mercat is happy to be one of the chosen Bell & Ross retailers.

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