Breitling watches at Basic Mercat jewelry and watch retailer, Andorra

For more than a century, the Swiss timepiece manufacturer Breitling has excelled in designing luxurious watches with unparalleled precision. Certified the world’s best aviator watches by the world’s leading airlines and iconic aircraft manufacturers, Breitling watches are high-end accessories that bring the individual that wears them a strong sense of distinction and individuality. Breitling timepieces combine all the qualities that make the quintessential Swiss watch and an internationally renowned brand - reliability, design and power.

Breitling watches at Basic Mercat jewelry and watch retailer, Andorra

Swiss watchmaking prestige

Breitling is associated with the great moments in aviation thanks to its development of technically advanced watches and chronographs. This Swiss company is particularly known for creating extremely accurate timepieces that combine performance, simplicity and luxury.

Innovation is key

The design element that sets Breitling’s emblematic collections apart from other brands is that each model is equipped with officially certified chronometer movements. The company, which was founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, developed technologies based on its own mechanical chronograph movements. The company takes pride in the fact that all of its movements are fully developed in its workshops.

Breitling’s irreproachable manufacturing process allows the brand to remain an independent company in a highly competitive market. Breitling pushes innovation to the limits. It has complete control over its production line, which must meet the highest level of requirements. The brand is also renowned for revolutionizing watch movements and straying from traditional assembly methods.

Prestigious COSC certified collections

At Breitling, creating reliable, highly-precise watches is the brand’s main objective. Each movement is meticulously developed using highly sophisticated software along with a unique process involving automated and manual labor.

The watch settings are carefully constructed and meet all the ultra-rigorous standards established by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). Due to all of these factors, Breitling professional watches are highly-reliable, quality timepieces.

Prestigious partnerships

Breitling’s elevated status allows it to forge prestigious partnerships, as was recently the case with the men’s luxury brand MR PORTER. In celebration of this partnership, a special limited edition watch was launched as part of Breitling’s new Navitimer 8 collection: the Navitimer Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph 43 Limited Edition.

World-renowned expert skill passed down for centuries

A brilliant inventor

Léon Breitling, an outstanding watchmaker, is part of the origin of the Breitling brand. Its workshop based in Saint-Imier quickly acquired a solid reputation thanks to the company’s expertise in manufacturing timepieces and digital measuring tools.

Success was achieved in 1889, after several watches with refined designs that were easy to maintain were patented, leading to several orders being placed by companies working in the industrial, military and scientific fields. The brand quickly gained supporters in the world of sports. Breitling’s adventure was just beginning!

More than a century of precision and refinement

Today Breitling watches attract countless watch lovers with their sober, distinguished and timeless look. The brand’s success is partially due to its rich history, which was punctuated by moments of glory and recognition.

Breitling has enjoyed constant success from the founding of its initial factory in 1892, which employed 60 workers to the development of a precise chronograph that could measure two-fifths of a second in 1896 and the invention of automobile counters capable of measuring speeds between 15 and 150 km/h in 1905. This great watchmaker’s work has been envied but never equalled.

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More than a watch brand

Breitling’s inimitable and easily recognizable watches are available in various successful collections of unique and iconic models. To cite a few of these collections: Pêle-mêle, Navitimer, Superocean, Transocean, Chronomat and Professional.

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