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With a rich history of more than 120 years, Hamilton creates world-renowned watches of the highest quality crafted with expert skill and experience in order to guarantee quality pieces. Their inimitable design masterfully combines aviation style and Hollywood chic. Basic Mercat, the Principality of Andorra’s emblematic watch retailer, allows you to purchase your Hamilton watch in Andorra at an unbeatable price.

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American style and traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship

Patriotic spirit

Hamilton is known for its elegant and distinguished watches with an American style. Throughout the 20th century its history has been intertwined with the great periods that shaped the country’s technological development, particularly with regard to the development of railways and aviation. For example, Hamilton was the first watch manufacturer to design a battery-powered electric watch (La Ventura, 1957).

By rail, air and sea

In 1918, Hamilton was asked to develop a watch for the first American airmail service between Washington and New York. Due to frequent delays on the railroads Hamilton was commissioned to create a collection of pocket watches whose accuracy solved the railroad’s problem. During the 1930s, Hamilton also became the official supplier of the four major American commercial airlines. During the Second World War Hamilton stopped producing consumer watches to focus on supplying the Armed Forces.

An authentic universe

Air force, army and navy

Hamilton’s collections are very much linked to the air force, army and navy. This is the case, for example, with the sublime Khaki Aviation Converter Auto Chrono. Advanced technology for style-conscious aviators.

All of Hamilton watches have a very distinguished style and have enjoyed international success. These include, among others, the American Classic, Jazzmaster, Ventura, Broadway, or Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy and Khaki Field collections, were and continue to be very incredibly successful models.

The emblematic Ventura watch

Created and developed in the late 1950s, the Ventura features an extraordinary design and remains one of Hamilton’s iconic models to this day. Elvis Presley made it very popular by wearing it in the film Blue Hawaii in 1961.

A new updated version with a contemporary dial and crocodile strap was launched ten years ago in celebration of its fiftieth anniversary.

The Ventura watch is available in both traditional analog and quartz versions.

An exciting story

A renowned designer since the late 19th century

Hamilton’s journey began in the United States in 1892, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania under the leadership of E.F. Bowman. As early as 1874, Bowman had developed a prototype watch with a 19S template.

Throughout the 20th century, Hamilton continued to take center stage by making high-end watches with a modern look and also created a line of very affordable models.

In 1928, the Piping Rock made its debut; specially engraved models were given to the New York Yankees after winning the World Series.

The strong ties this Pennsylvania-based brand had created with the film industry reinforced Hamilton’s international renown.

The star of more than 300 movies!

Hamilton watches made their first appearance in Hollywood in the early 1950s in a film about the U.S. naval divers during World War II.

The American brand is proud to have featured its watches in several great American masterpieces, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Men in Black, Independence Day, Lethal Weapon 4, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Die Hard and Ocean’s Eleven.
Or the participation in the Christopher Nolan’s Tenet film by with the Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Auto watch.

Swiss Made

Today, Hamilton is legally based in Biel, Switzerland. The watches are proudly stamped Swiss Made, enhancing the brand’s prestige and reputation.

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