Maurice Lacroix watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jewelry & Watch Retailer

A Swiss company created in 1975 in Saignelégier, in the canton of Jura, Maurice Lacroix has a centuries-old reputation in the world of watchmaking and luxury. The parent company, Desco von Schulthess, was known for its excellence and savoir-faire since 1889. Desco von Schulthess was one of the main Swiss watch companies known throughout the world at that time, particularly in the Far East. In Andorra, you can purchase your M. Lacroix watch at Basic Mercat, Andorra la Vella’s emblematic watch retailer.

Maurice Lacroix watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jewelry & Watch Retailer

Desco von Schulthess

During the 20th century, Desco von Schulthess has enjoyed a long history in the luxury watch world and has established a significant reputation. In the early 1960s, the firm acquired a watch assembly factory located in Saignelégier, which became the subsidiary Maurice Lacroix in 1975.

A craftsman who masters all stages of design

The beginnings of Maurice Lacroix

At the beginning of its history, Maurice Lacroix focused on the development of complementary and innovative watchmaking complications. It then developed its own movements, the first of which was the ML 106 Caliber, which is entirely designed and developed in-house.

Since the mid-2000s, Maurice Lacroix has become one of the key Swiss watch manufacturers who still produce their own components. The company is proud to have designed complex, innovative movements while staying dedicated to manufacturing of analog systems.

A blend of high-tech and tradition

Maurice Lacroix has mastered the latest cutting-edge digital technologies and excels in combining ultra-modern manufacturing techniques with traditional watchmaking skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.

This creative ambition led Lacroix to invent some of the most popular collections and models. Maurice Lacroix watches are meticulously crafted in small batches and are technically complex. Each model is unique and seems to have a character of its own.

The collections

At Maurice Lacroix, each collection is marked by a very distinctive look, whose common elements are class, elegance and excellence. In just 40 years, the selection of successful collections has increased – to cite a few, the Aikon, Eliros, Ponto and Fiaba collections. The Masterpiece collection, which debuted in 1992, is undoubtedly one of the most famous collections by this Swiss manufacturer. The Masterpiece Gravity watch was launched in 2014 and has enjoyed a steady success.

The watchmaker Michel Vermot designed the Masterpiece Gravity’s movement. Its assortment is entirely made out of silicon. The result is a real technological feat, this watch is impressive because of its reliability - silicon is 3 times lighter than steel, reduces energy consumption and increases precision - and its modern-urban yet traditional design makes it a true must-have!

Maurice Lacroix: one of the greatest names in watchmaking

Since 1975, the journey has been long and punctuated by well-deserved success. Maurice Lacroix has succeeded in establishing a real luxury empire in a very short period of time and is a key Swiss watch company in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. It has opened more than 3,500 stores in 60 countries around the world.

In 1992, it separated from Desco von Schulthess to become an autonomous company whose hallmark is largely based on its drive to innovate.

In 2010, Maurice Lacroix led a successful marketing campaign. Its slogan, "Follow Your Convictions,” perfectly reflects the company’s dynamic spirit.

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