Oris Watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jewelry & Watch Retailer

The king of Swiss-made analog watches is definitely Oris! This Hölstein-based company has been manufacturing watches for more than a century and has sold them all over the world. When you purchase an Oris watch you can rest assured that you are acquiring a skilfully made piece of fine craftsmanship. Quite simply, this is a great name in the world of luxury. These watches are available in Andorra la Vella at the Basic Mercat jewelry and watch retailer.

Oris Watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jewelry & Watch Retailer
Oris Watches in Andorra at Basic Mercat Jewelry & Watch Retailer

Swiss distinction

Superb, distinguished and very popular, Oris watches reflect the tradition of Swiss watchmaking and are crafted using the brand’s rich history and savoir-faire, which has been recognized since the beginning of the 20th century.

Resistance and strength

Oris’ luxurious watches are manufactured using parts that are designed to last. Reliability is undoubtedly one of the company’s main philosophies, which it upholds in its workshops located in Basel Switzerland. Oris’ different watches are authentic, each with a personality of its own. It should be noted that Oris is proud to produce completely analog watches - no quartz models are available.

Oris watches are exceptionally popular and are often worn by actors and actresses, for example, Keanu Reeves, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore and Ben Chaplin.

Las colecciones


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4 categories of watches: Culture, aviation, diving and automotive

Four collections of watches are currently produced by Oris in its Hölstein-based workshops, all of which are available at Basic Mercat watch retailer in Andorra la Vella. These collections include, culture, aviation, diving and motor sport.

Diving collection

The diving world decided upon its chosen watch manufacturer a long time ago! The world of luxury watchmaking has set off on international waters with Oris. Its watches are widely recognized for their practicality and incredible reliability. The Aquis, Diver and ProDiver collections are particularly popular.

Culture collection

The creators and managers at Oris have never concealed their love of art. From this passion exclusive pieces have bloomed, reflecting one of Oris’ philosophies: designing precise, reliable and elegant timepieces for "authentic individuals." The Artelier, Artix, Rectangular and Classic models have been extremely successful.

Aviation collection

The first Aviation watch was created in the 1930s. Since then, Oris has never ceased to amaze and intrigue its clientele in a very competitive, demanding field. Thanks to its ever-evolving watchmaking technologies, its timepieces have always been highly appreciated by pilots. Examples include the Big Crown ProPilot, BC3, Big Crown and Air Racing Edition models.

Motor Sport collection

Since 2003, Oris has been the official and privileged watchmaking partner of the Williams Formula 1 team. The partnership with this British team has led to the creation of a unique carbon fibre timepiece! Oris patented the manufacturing process that creates this ultra-light piece. The most famous watches in this collection are the Williams, Artix GT and Chronoris models.

A very rich history

The origins

In 1904, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded Oris by buying the watch factory Lohner & Co. The brand was named after a stream flowing through the small town of Hölstein.

The brand expanded quite rapidly and Oris became the main employer in the region in 1911. At this point the company employed 300 individuals. In 1929, six Oris factories were located in Switzerland, Hölstein, Holderbank, Como, Courgenay, Herbetswil and Ziefen.

Oscar Herzog was the company’s General Manager for much of the 20th century. He continued developing Oris with great success and overcame all of the challenges of the modern watchmaking field.

Present day

In 1984, Oris reintroduced the Pointer Calendar, which over time became Oris’s signature complication. Other innovative models followed, such as those equipped with the 581 caliber with a moon phase complication (1991) and a new version of the BC-3 Big Crown from the aviation collection.

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A brand for today

It should be noted that Oris has recently designed a new safety clasp that prevents the watch from falling off, even when its strap comes undone. Oris: perfection taken to the extreme. This is one of the reasons why the emblematic watch retailer in Andorra la Vella has selected ORIS to be one of the prestigious brands on display in the showcases at the Basic Mercat Boutique.

Purchasing your Oris watch in Andorra la Vella at the Watch Shop Bàsic Mercat

Where to purchase your Oris watch in Andorra la Vella

Bàsic Mercat’s address

Bàsic Mercat jewelry and watch retailer is located in the capital of the Principality, Andorra la Vella. The boutique is open every day from 10AM to 2PM and from 4PM to 8 PM - Av. Meritxell, 50, AD500 Andorra la Vella.

Check the availability of your Oris watch before coming to purchasing it in Andorra

In order to purchase a Oris watch in Andorra or other luxury jewelry pieces by prestigious brands, feel free to contact Bàsic Mercat to check the availability of the pieces that interest you, by phone, at +376 885 110 or by WhatsApp at +376 609 110

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